We Commercialise Your Innovation

Many entrepreneurs often fall in love with their original product idea or business model and fail to listen to customers. In addition, most start ups lack the resources (expertise, financial and technical) needed to validate and build a prototype prior to launching their product into the market. This will expose them to a try and error approach and increasing the risk of failure before take-off. InnoLab unleash the innovative power of individuals through a network of highly-curated advisors and mentors, peer collaboration and interaction, and comprehensive resource and advisory support. At InnoLab we assist you with the 6 key enablers that facilitate your innovation activities:

 Innolab commercialise Innovation and Rapidly Scale Companies

InnoLab provides end-to-end support to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate spinouts build and grow companies, to bring their innovations, research and ideas to market. We do this via our Twelve-Month InnoProgram. We also assist entrepreneurs and organisations who disrupt our target industries and have major commercialisation projects via our InnoLab Special Projects.