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InnoLab is the first independent technology lab helping high potential technology startups to connect with tech buyers and investors. InnoLab is an innovation powerhouse inspiring and leading entrepreneurs to generate digitally disruptive ideas by providing a conducive ecosystem to thrive and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. InnoLab provides affordable facilities suitable for early-stage research to turn your disruptive innovation into a great product.

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With all your underutilized great employees’ ideas, can you really afford to not give them time to innovate. Develop a culture of innovation within your organization and stay ahead of your competition.

How InnoLab can help you

Enabling Disruptive Innovation

InnoLab empowers enterprises to harness heaps of values from digitally disruptive products, experiences, and businesses through new capabilities. Future enterprises are looking for new ideas, new products, and new systems at scale, and they want to build the capabilities to deliver on these while creating a lasting competitive advantage in digital. InnoLab provides insights and coaching to companies to validate their innovative idea and gain better visibility prior to launching their products. We equip you with the right skills, creative thinking, and innovative ideas.

This is What We Do

Our multidisciplinary team ensures that you are on the right path and guide you through every stage of your innovation journey.

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Connect with other like-minded Entrepreneurs

Unleash the innovative power of individuals through a network of highly-curated advisors and mentors, peer collaboration and interaction, and comprehensive resource and advisory support.

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An Innovation Hub

Space and digital services to accelerate your business growth

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Located in the heart of Bentley Technology Park, WA, InnoLab is the first independent shared technology lab space designed as a launchpad for high-potential technology startups or your next disruptive idea. It offers fully permitted office space for as many as 50 startups comprising approximately 200 entrepreneurs. InnoLab provides first-class flexible workspace facilities and administrative support, skilled personnel, a domain-relevant expert as well as the other critical services and support that early-stage companies need to begin innovation on day one.

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Origination of new ideas often driven by an aim to solve a problem at a national or international scale.

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Our founders mission is to help you and your ideas go further, faster.


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Share your idea and let us guide you through every stage of your innovation journey.

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Commercialise Your Innovation

At InnoLab we know how to turn your new idea into a great product.

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Innolab Leadership Impact

Developing a new idea starts with transforming leaders and disrupting the staus quo.

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Innovation is a Team Sport

You can’t innovate in a silo. If you have an idea and want to fast-track your startup in our accelerator or seeking connection in your target industry connect with us.