A Disruptive Innovation Model

At InnoLab we use a simple framework to guide you through the 3 stages of the disruptive innovation process:

Origination of new ideas, often by building on prior research, past innovations and industry knowledge. This stage driven by an aim to solve a problem at a national or international scale.

Identification and selection of knowledge, skills and technology required for idea development. Exchange knowledge, practical application, idea selection, digital transformation, data sharing, acquisition, technology transfer, adoption, partnerships, networks, cooperation, collaboration, joint ventures, and implementation.

Development, trialing, testing, refining and iterating of ideas to address a specific problem or need. Involve applying knowledge to improve existing products and services, or to create completely new products and services.

InnoLab Services

  1. Research and market sizing
  2. Coaching and advisory services
  3. Workshop and business model analysis
  4. Membership services
  5. Prototype development
  6. Project fund raising