InnoLab assists entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop their business models; create viable sustainable financial strategies; design and integrate digital media and social media tactics; establish collaborations with academic and corporate resources; create global competitive analysis; synthesize intellectual property portfolios; devise competitive global sales and partnering relationships; prepare and introduce its clients to various funding sources and grant opportunities.

InnoLab resources are available to our members who is looking to explore innovation and entrepreneurship at any stage. Open flexible workspace is also available for our members looking to grow as an innovator.

5 Labs within InnoLab!

  • Insights Lab (Research, analyse and understand the problem)
  • Coaching Lab (Prepare to lead, communicate and face the realities)
  • Simulation Lab (Build the minimum viable product and fine tune it to your customer’s preferences)
  • Launch Lab (Prepare for take-off and check all your gears to ensure a safe launch)
  • Cruise Lab (Develop operational process to drive the business smoothly at the right speed)